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In the name of love: Find the IMPERFECT Person September 25, 2007

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I’m sure most of you are wondering if IMPERFECT is a typo, but it’s NOT. All your life I’m sure you’ve heard people say ” Nobody is perfect.” defines “Perfect” as the following:

“1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type

2. excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement

3. exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose.

4. entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings.”

Now take a second and ask yourself – “Are you perfect?” “What qualities would your perfect person have?” “Have your ideals, and / or expectations of the perfect person changed from the ‘perfect person’ 5 years ago?”

Now ponder this- “Would being with someone who exudes absolute perfection be what you are looking for?” ” Would your perfect person ever understand your imperfections?” “Can anyone be 100% perfect at all times, and would that even be exciting?”

Here are my answers- ” I don’t think I can ever be absolutely perfect because we all have different perceptions on perfection.” “I think my definition of the perfect person would be a dichotomy of the necessary qualities I look for (needs) and the situational, constantly evolving characteristics (specific wants) of each individual” “I think each individual has a set of guidelines for ‘perfection,’ and it’s not fair to have a cookie cutter of perfection.” “I wouldn’t want to be with a perfect person, because I would be self-conscious about my own imperfections, or weak points.” “Mr. Perfect may not know how to be spontaneous… sure he is perfect Monday thru Friday, but sometimes I want a little bit of excitement.” “My ‘perfect’ person is always undergoing some revision – I don’t think my ‘perfect’ person 5 years ago would even resemble my perfect person right now.”

Take a look at the above definition: “complete beyond … improvement”
Do you really want to spend your time, your life, your energy on someone who doesn’t have room for improvement? I think not. We always long for better, for the best.

With all that being said- I am no longer looking for Mr. Perfect. I don’t think Mr. Perfect exists, nor do I long to find him. I am searching for Mr. Imperfect. Why?


Take a minute and process the above quote.

Being with a perfect person is like hitting the glass ceiling. You can never reach any higher…. if things don’t stay perfect, there is only one way to go – down.

People aren’t perfect- people make mistakes- people learn from mistakes- people change – all in the name of love. Making mistakes are never fun times, but, at least you know there is room for growth.

You may never find Mr. Perfect, but what you can do is love a person for who they are- imperfections and all. Let’s face it, some imperfections are quite endearing, and humbling.

And when you find yourself wanting to see Mr. Imperfect, don’t be afraid – you may be surprised. Don’t let the apparent imperfections steer you away from true love…. You know what they say:

“Love conquers all.”


2 Responses to “In the name of love: Find the IMPERFECT Person”

  1. Andy Says:

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  2. d2colorado Says:

    I really liked this blog, Mammies. Great article!

    I think the problem that many single people have today is that many of them have a “long laundry list” of must-have qualities they are looking for in a mate (such as “s/he must be beautiful or handsome, have a great figure or be really buff, be rich, highly-educated”, etc. etc.). They are so hung-up on finding that “perfect” man or woman that they over-look many wonderful people out there who could be a great match for them if they gave them half-a-chance. I think if people gave up the concept of looking for perfection and concentrate on finding someone that they really get along with and feel good with, more people will have success meeting someone special and having happy relationships with them.

    I mentioned in another blog here that I met my boyfriend online…well, what attracted me to his profile online was his tag line…”Impefect man looking for an imperfect woman”. Enough said!

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