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You tell us …. The question all single women want to ask. September 27, 2007

Inquiring minds want to know … and maybe you have the answer, or the final piece to our puzzle …. so YOU TELL US…

“Where do you meet quality men, who are looking for quality women?”

Those of you who are in a long term committed relationship, or those who are in marriage bliss — we want to hear from you.

“Where did you meet your soul mate?”

For most of the single world, the problem isn’t meeting people. The problem is meeting quality people you want in your life.

Yes, when you first turn 21 … the bar scene is exciting. Although some 21 year olds go looking for their ‘soul mate’ at the local dive… but for the most part, your 21 year old bar scene experience consists of meeting ‘ hot’ guys and getting ‘free’ drinks to get wasted.

But what happens when you get tired of the bar scene. What happens when the guys at the bars start to look a little young. What happens when you can’t stay out until 2 or 3 in the morning because you have work the next morning.

The Dream Team has been searching for the answer for a while now. Call us crazy but we (females in their mid 20s who are over the bar scene, and want to meet quality people) actually prefer drinks with the girls over getting hit on by men who just ooze ”pervert”…

So where do we go to meet quality men?

If you’ve been fortunate enough to meet the ‘one’ we want to know ….


Can’t wait to hear from you!!!


One Response to “You tell us …. The question all single women want to ask.”

  1. d2colorado Says:

    I met my boyfriend through an online dating site. We wrote to each other for a few weeks before we met (we weren’t able to meet right away due to business travel obligations) and I almost didn’t meet him because I was burned out from too many “bum dates” from online dating (I had been doing the online dating thing for about 4-5 months). Fortunately I did decide to meet him (at a local restaurant) and I’m glad I did! There was a connection between us right away and we’ve been together ever since….for 6 years now! We’ve had our ups and downs, but this is by far the happiest and heathiest relationship I’ve ever had.

    I’m middle-aged and so is he, and we’ve both had a string of unsucessful relationships before we got together. So, the message I have for the single folks out there is…DON’T GIVE UP!!! Also, if you keep doing the same things to meet people and you’ll keep getting the same results…try something different. Online dating was tough for a shy person like me but I didn’t give up. It worked for me, but other good ways to meet happy and healthy people is through events, activities, or sports clubs (like skiing, hiking, etc.).

    Great job on this site, ladies! It’s nice to have a site where positive life issues are discussed for people of all ages.

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