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Ten Ways to show your boyfriend/husband you really care September 28, 2007

So you’ve been dating your boyfriend for a while and need some excitement. Or, maybe you have just gotten into a little tiff with your boyfriend and want to show him that you really care.
(I’ve tried all of the below ideas with the boyfriend ….. and trust me, they work!)

*Remember ladies*:The following ideas are to show that you truly care for your man. Even if you can’t accomplish the whole ‘plan’ ….a little bit goes a long ways – especially after a love spat. The following suggestions are in no particular order…..If you have your own ‘special’ way to show them you care ….. COMMENT!!

1. MAKE HIM DINNER- Call it ‘old fashioned’ but every man loves a home cooked meal – especially when it’s handmade by the woman he loves. I understand that you may be busy with work during the week … so this may be a good weekend project.

-Find a recipe: Look online ( has some really easy recipes for various recipes). Remember: This meal is for HIM. Try to make something that is special to him, or something you know he will like. Don’t try out your new “3 Soy Cheese, Tofu Lasagne” on your meat-and-potatoes boyfriend.

-Find a wine: He will be impressed when you have a bottle of wine ready for him. Make sure the wine compliments your dish. (Rule of thumb: Red Wine – Red Meat, Duck, Goose dishes, White Wine-Chicken, Turkey, Asian Food, Seafood, Light Pasta Dishes). If you remember- try to chill your wine glasses for white wine. (The extra touches will impress him, as well as make the wine taste better!)

-Start cooking the dishes before he arrives…. but make sure you aren’t completely done … Timing is key

-Set the music, start with an appetizer: Doesn’t have to be overly mushy, romantic…. try playing something happy, uplifting- so that he can see that you are enjoying this experience. Start with an appetizer- Don’t have enough time? Just get some bread and heat it up … or maybe some cheese…. doesn’t have to be fancy, just something to occupy his time while you put the finishing touches on dinner.

-Always save room for dessert: Yes, some men don’t have a sweet tooth, but a little ‘dessert’ never hurts. Super easy, yet cute dessert idea: Make mini ice cream sandwiches: Vanilla Wafer cookies (Nilla) and a little scoop of ice cream.. super easy and light!

2. PLAN A DAY TIME HIKE/ PICNIC: After a long week of work, you probably want to spend some time outside. And by going outside I don’t mean – hitting up the mall to go shopping. Spend some quality time with your boyfriend… take a hike.

  • Plan ahead: Find a local trail, or if you have a favorite spot (beach, mountain) you can go there! Try to plan the hike when it’s not too hot…. SUNSET time is always ideal.
  • Pack for the trip: Suprise him with some snacks, maybe a blanket, a camera, and definitely WINE.
  • Tell him that you want to do something outdoorsy and you have it all planned: Trust me, if you are a girly girl and initiate an outdoor hike to your outdoorsy boyfriend he will be IMPRESSED.
  • While on your hike: Take time to appreciate it. Don’t rush to the end of the trail, so that you can get it over with. Enjoy the special time together- this is a great time without other distractions (such as cellphones- leave them in your car)… just you, him, and nature.

3. MAKE A MEANINGFUL CD / PLAYLIST – I know this sounds ‘teeny boopy’ but sometimes it’s good to reconnect with your ‘inner child’.

  • If you want to STEP IT UP: accompany your CD with a handwritten book of why you picked the songs, what lyrics you liked, and decorate it.
  • This is one of those sentimental gifts that you never really expect.
  • Couples usually have “special” songs- This is a great way to remind him of those “special” songs.

4. SEND HIM A PICTURE TEXT MESSAGE-No, it doesn’t have to be risque…. it can even be a picture of a restaurant you two enjoy…. it’s always flattering to know that you are on someone’s mind.

5. TRY TO HANG OUT WITH HIS BUDDIES- Just like you want your friends to like him, he wants his friends to like you. So initiate hanging out with them. This is a great way to win points with his buddies too.

  • Suggest going to a sporting event, or maybe set up a poker night
  • Show your boyfriend that you don’t have to always be the lovey-dovey couple, and you can be the ‘guys’ girl.
  • The more approval you get from his buddies, the more he’ll appreciate you

6. BE THE MAN – Ok, not really, duh. But plan a date for you and your boyfriend. Offer to drive, make the reservation…. Most guys enjoy being the ‘planner’ but it’s always nice to be ‘pampered’ even if you are male.

7. PLEASE HIM – Maybe your boyfriend has expressed an intimate fantasy, or you know what gets him going. DO IT. This doesn’t mean – be a porn star- but if you know he enjoys massages – suck it up and give him a massage (and don’t expect or accept one in return). Raise the bar and do something different, something special.

8. LOOK GOOD FOR HIM – GO ALL OUT: Remember when you first started dating… he couldn’t keep his hands off you? Remember when you cared what you looked like around him? Take off your lounge pants, and your sweatshirt. Put on a sexy dress, do your make up, and go out for a drink. Sometimes we let ‘comfort’ turn into ‘laziness’… so put in a little effort and WOW him. He’ll appreciate it.

9. BUY HIM A RANDOM, PERSONALIZED CARD: There are cards for every occasion. Maybe things are perfect and you want to thank him for loving you. Or maybe he’s been having a tough time at work and you want to let him know that you believe in him. Or maybe you two have been fighting and you want to make amends. What ever the situation, you can find a card for it. Even if you think there isn’t a situation – a card can put a smile on his face. Getting him a meaningful card will show that you are thinking about him.

10.LISTEN TO HIM TALK- and keep your yapping to yourself. Ever realize the dynamics of your conversations with your boyfriend? If you are anything like me, it’s probably 70% me, 30% boyfriend (or worse). Guys may not like to gossip as much, but they do like to talk. So, let him talk- and take it in. Listen to him for once. Trust me, he’ll feel better after he is able to vent about work, friends, money, etc.

Again, these are just suggestions. The bottom line is – SHOW HIM THAT YOU CARE. If you don’t have a lot of money, don’t worry. It’s not about buying him things, and getting him extravagant gifts. It’s showing him that you care, that you value him as a person, and that you want to make him happy.

Any other suggestions? We’d love to know!!!


21 Responses to “Ten Ways to show your boyfriend/husband you really care”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Make him LAUGH. My wife is the funniest, most irreverent human being I’ve ever met and she uses humour to distract me from lousy moods and help me see things in the proper perspective. It’s not just one of those motheaten adages: laughter really IS the best medicine and a great sense of humour is one sure sign of intelligence and the first thing that attracted me to my wife of 17 years…

  2. simple hand written love notes left in places that he will be certain to find during the course of his day is always nice, especially if done for no particular reason.

    i had to laugh when i read your number 10 because i imagined just how quiet that might be…

  3. simply me Says:

    Why dont you try being yourself i mean if hes going out with you or hes married to you he must have some feelings for you your both in the relationship together willingly

  4. d2colorado Says:

    I make it a point to always thank my boyfriend when he does something nice or sweet for me. Also, I tell him frequently how much I appreciate him!

    I also do little things like have his favorite snacks in the house or get him a litle inexpensive gift,such as something he really needs or wants…..just because. 🙂

  5. Hahahaha:P Says:

    Okayy Well Im Still A Teen And Just Thinkng About it, i Agree With ‘Drunk American’ It Would Be TOTALLY Quiet If I Let Him Talk All The Time!

    But For My Suggestoin. Try Just Giving Them A Big Bear Hug And Show Affection To Them Like If You Havent Seen Them In a Long Time, Or You Feel Like Its A Long Time And You Miss Them Just Run Up To Them And Give Them A Big Hug. Let Them Know Your There For Them And That You Love Them. It Always Works The Trick. Guys Love Hugs. 🙂

  6. Leslie Says:

    Telling my boyfriend how good he looks, or that he lost weight makes him happy! I also like to really show appreciation when he takes the dishes out of the dishwasher or folds my laundry…without me asking him too.

  7. Jelena Says:

    i actually did some of the things u mentioned, i messed up real bad so i sent him card saying “im sorry”, cd with love songs ive dedicated to him before, and invite for a movie. soo.. we’ll see how it goes. wish me luck please

  8. Hipsster Says:

    well i am only a teen butt and my boyfriend have been going out for 7 months and he just lies it when I am honest with him and if he is annoyed i kiss him and he smiles and his cheeks go red. So just letting him know that he is wanted is good.

  9. branz Says:

    i agree with hahahahaha;p im a teenager too and my boy loves it when i just run up to him and give him a big hug.let him know youve missed him !!

  10. Reagan Says:

    So me and my fiancee got into a little fight about him not thinking i appreciate him enough, amazing what a simple letter will do. I told him all the wonderful qualities about him and how much i was proud of him for being a great father and that he means the world to me, and it changed his whole mood.

  11. giovi Says:

    Ok so like me and my bf has bein going out for like 7 months and we like fight sometimes because he says that I don’t seem like I ever miss him or want him like I used too. I don’t notice. Just think I’m a lil Calmer about him I still love him a lot, so what I do is I hug him tight and tell him I love him and give him lil kisses on the cheek all the time to let him not that. Love him and that he is always on my mind. 🙂

  12. jessica t Says:

    My boyfriend would always text me before bed saying how much he misses me. So i got him a teddy bear and sprayed my body mist on it. When the smell faded i gave him the rest of my body mist. I have his cologne too 🙂 guys love it when you take lead give him a nice big kiss and a big hug. Grab that boys hands hes yours. Show him and tell him just how much you really do care.

  13. Kimioy (girl) Says:

    Well lets see, I have been dating my BF for about 4 or 5 months now and hes lossing intrest. So, this is what i did. I didnt start showing him affection and he got nervouse. And then he was like is there anything wrong? and i said no im just scared that your not into me anymore and hes like i will always be into you baby. Then he said i love you baby. And im like i love you to baby. Then the next day after he found out how wored i was he went out and bought a ring for me. And now were 36 and ever since tht day we have always tlkd if something was on our mind. So be honest and good things happen. (weve been married for 15 years and we never stoped lovingeach other 🙂

  14. elisha :) Says:

    Me and my bf have being going out for about a year I’m 15 and he is 18. He loves it when I express myself to him and be completely honest. Guys hate drama and liars. If your not hiding anything you shouldn’t have to be dishonest. Give him lots of loving. Hug him tight give home kisses all over…on his neck on his check and his sweet soft lips 🙂
    Gifts are not really a big deal for guys and the make a meal for them Idea is good…but men like to do thingsq mostly for themselves so
    take them to there favorite place to eat. He loves when I draw him pictures or make him a card. It shows that I am always thinking about him and it shows him that u love him and appreciate him enough to take your time and make him a love drawing, note, ex. Just be yourself girls and if he still doesn’t seem happy after all those things then you deserve better…obviously you love him if ur taking your time looking at websites about how to make your man love you.
    Xoxo Elisha

  15. sam ringer Says:

    i search and search for these kinds of websites just to think of little ways to keep my relationship exciting and full of love :). some things i have found works the best is sending him little texts while he is at work.. with a love quote, inside joke, or just a simple i love you! also, look him in in eyes when you tell him you love him (if you really mean it). guys have a little sixth sense i think when they look into your eyes…they can tell whats really going on. also, writing notes is perfect for the sentimental guy. leave them around the house, secretly slip one in his pocket, or even in his car. say things that you like about him, memories, what you are planning to do to him that night 😉 those all work. My boyfriend chris also really likes it when i ask him what HE wants- with anything… whether it be sexual or just valuing his opinion on what movie to watch. it really means a lot to him knowing you respect him. trying new things is also a great way to get your relationship out of the dumps. ask him a crazy fantasy that he has- and make it happen! it will end up being something you both will remember forever. Also, a fun little game to play over the phone or even when you’re on the couch cuddeling is ask him to tell you a secret. it doesnt have to be super deep, it can be funny or embarrassing and will help your guy open up to you and make him feel like he can trust you. and remember, you cant say i love you too much 🙂 hope this helped!

  16. Nita Soto Says:

    I give him respect….
    he seems to love that….

  17. Allie Says:

    Well for no real reason I took my boyfriend out to dinner one night. We are in college so to go out to a nice restaurant is pretty rare. When I told him i was taking him out and paying, he was surprised. I know he appreciated it. Even to spice it up I blind folded him so he didn’t know where we were going. Then also write him a love poem. sometimes when you don’t know what to say, you can really express yourself through it.

  18. Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here: this .. as it’s taken me literally 1 hours and 02 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  19. smilez Says:

    my boy and i have been dating over a year and i must admit. when i let my boy talk it is very quiet, he isn’t a big talker so he just kinda stares at me. but it drives him wild when i do give him a bear hug with a kiss. we are in a long distance relationship, so that kinda hello says a lot. I do this thing where i kinda say “hey boy” and kinda pull him into a kiss. he likes that too.

    but it is quiet when i let him talk. lol

    any tips on how to get him to let me pay for something? haha he refuses. :]

  20. mammyflop Says:

    love all the feedback to this post! Thank you! some great suggestions.
    Bottom line: show him that you care and you enjoy his company. Show him that you love him for him – and not for the glitz, gifts or perks….
    Guys are simple – they value the thoughtful things.
    Good luck ladies!

  21. Jo Says:

    Not being funny, but I don’t know why I came on here. I do all those things anyway – it’s common sense and consideration! Where are the real ideas?

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