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How To Jump Start Your Car October 16, 2007

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How to Jump Start your Car… you may not see a use for this, or you may think it’s common sense but in the heat of the moment you might be a little lost. Mammie recently relocated to lovely Las Vegas from sunny Southern California, and during her drive …. there was some car trouble. After a rest stop, the car wouldn’t start!!! I grabbed the jumper cables, ready to do what I’ve seen a thousands of times … but I got flustered. Thank goodness, I was able to get the following directions:

1.If your car doesn’t start- don’t panic. Make sure you are in a safe area. ( Usually the case, since you were probably parked somewhere)… Make sure your car is in park and the brakes are on. Your car will be referred to as WEAK CAR from here on out.

2. Find someone with a vehicle that is larger than yours. Since you are using the other vehicle’s power, you want to make sure there is enough battery to charge your car. Translation: Don’t find a 2 seater to jump start your monster truck. If you don’t have jumper cables, make sure the other person does before moving to step 3. The working vehicle will be referred to as STRONG CAR from here.

3. Park STRONG CAR next to or facing WEAK CAR. The hoods should be in close distance.

4. Turn off STRONG CAR, making sure brakes are in place.

5. Pop the hoods of both cars.

6. Take the jumper cables to STRONG CAR and put the positive clamp (red clamp) over the positive terminal (indicated witha + sign).

7. Take the jumper cable to the WEAK CAR and put the other positive clamp (red) over the positive (+) terminal.

8.Take the STRONG CAR negative clamp (black) and place it over the negative (-) terminal of the STRONG CAR battery.

9. Place the remaining negative clamp (black) on a good solid shiny, non painted metal part of the engine. *Be careful – there may be a mini spark when attaching negative clamps*

10. Once cables are attached turn on your STRONG CAR and let the engine run for a few minutes. ( WEAK CAR is still off)

11. After a few minutes, hop into WEAK CAR and turn the key to see if the dashboard lights turn on. If they do- it’s a good sign! Try starting your engine. If it doesn’t start (but your lights work ) – let the battery charge a little bit before trying again. If the car doesn’t start and the lights don’t work- check your clamps.

12. After turning on the WEAK CAR you can remove the cables. Removal of the cables will be in semi-opposite order – Negative (black) clamp from WEAK CAR, black clamp on STRONG CAR, red clamp of STRONG CAR (this breaks current), lastly red clamp of WEAK CAR.

13.IF YOU ARE NOT DRIVNG THE ‘WEAK’ CAR MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE THE ENGINE RUNNING FOR APPROXIMATELY 30 MIN TO FULLY CHARGE THE BATTERY. If you are driving your ‘weak’ car the battery will continue to charge itself.

There you have it …. now if your car doesn’t start you know what needs to be done. Hope you don’t have to use the skills you have just learned but … it’s one of those skills you want to have up your sleeve… just in case. As always, drive safely!!


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