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Have you tried it? MONAVIE – ACAI JUICE March 13, 2009



Hmm. Where do I start? You have probably heard about Monavie Juice by now… and if you haven’t heard about Monavie, you’ve probably driven by a car with MONAVIE info or the MONAVIE logo plastered onto their car….

Let’s start with the facts. Monavie is built on a multi-level- marketing(MLM) structure. Lots of people on this program HAVE made a lot of money .. but it takes work.. and lots of connections .. and sales.

Monavie is made up of 19 different fruit juices, including the superfood – ACAI BERRY. Monavie claims that with regular consumption of this juice – your health will improve. Although they have not made any definite claims, drinkers of Monavie have credited the juice for curing cancer, helping with arthritis, gout, lowering cholesterol, increasing metabolism and giving you increased energy.

I was first approached about Monavie through a friend who thought that my ”business savvy” ways would help me become a successful Monavie distributor. Although I was initially skeptical, I figured that she actually knew people with Monavie success stories and what’s the harm in learning about a new product? I attended the information meeting and instantly I was intrigued / freaked out by the intensity of the Monavie distributors. It seemed like a lot of the people there were making a lot of money selling this juice. Means that the product has to work! … right?

There were people claiming to be making $100,000 a month by selling this juice! How is that possible? Granted, I attended the meeting before the economy was on the fast downward spiral.. but still.. I don’t care how big your rolodex is… finding that many people to purchase this juice seemed unrealistic. After the meeting I started talking to some people who had been involved in the business for a while. They seemed to swear by the product.. and also the company. I stayed skeptical but was intrigued to learn more… after all Monavie is a health product right?

It took me a few months before I actually signed up for my ”auto ship” …. Little did I know that I wasn’t going to make any money unless I was on “auto ship” … Meaning – in order for me to have an ongoing income from Monavie.. I would have to drink this juice forever.

Before I purchased my auto ship – I attended various meetings. One thing I noticed about these meetings was that the distributors were more concerned about the money and compensation plan than with the actual health benefits that came with the juice. That lack of balance raised concerns for me. However, I was lucky enough to be in contact with a great mentor who has been selling Monavie for a while. She kept reiterating the fact that this juice has health benefits… and can really be a great preventative regime.

Still skeptical I started to drink the juice. Drinkers are advised to drink 2 shots per day – one in the AM and one in PM. It’s like taking a vitamin. After a few shots the juice becomes really tasty and you start to crave it.

In all honesty, I don’t know what ”health changes” I was expecting. I am a pretty health 25 year old female with no major health issues. I guess I was expecting for it to rock my world… for me to shed pounds and who knows what else…

Does the juice work ?

Although I don’t have any trackable proof… I THINK THIS JUICE ACTUALLY WORKS. After a few weeks of drinking the juice I noticed that my skin was clear, I had more energy, I wasn’t as hungry in between meals, and every time thought I was coming down with a cold… I would up my Monavie and kick the cold away.

Will Monavie make you a millionaire?

Participating in the company like I do… NO. I guess for me … it’s not the right time. With people losing jobs and families losing homes .. I know that most people are not willing to spend the money on JUICE right now… However, I will admit that I have not given this business my all. Perhaps a part of me remains skeptical. Maybe another part of me feels bad – asking people to shell out money every month for juice.. We aren’t talking buy one bottle for the month. We are talking about a few bottles per person every month ( remember, you drink two shots per day, every day).

Over all, I believe that Monavie has its benefits. My personal experience has been that I feel healthier, more energetic, and see changes in my skin and hair. Although a bit pricey in comparison to my basic vitamin regime.. I prefer drinking the juice. Drinking Monavie has given me the extra energy I need to motivate myself to work out. Now, who knows… my increase in energy may be psychological.. Nevertheless, I feel that Monavie is benefiting my overall health. Will I ever be the highest seller of Monavie … probably not. I believe in the product..and hope to someday introduce the juice to my friends and family .. not for the money, but for the health benefits. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme… this may not be the easiest program. Again, given everyone’s financial situations — it’s just hard to find people who have expendable income that they can use on juice.

My advice is this … Whether or not you are in the Monavie business for the money… Take some time to actually test the product. Before you dump your savings into your Monavie business.. make sure you surround yourself with a good team of Monavie distributors that are willing to teach you the ins / outs of the business and the juice. This juice effects people differently… And the more you believe in the product.. The more you will sell.

If you have used Monavie or are a part of the Monavie Program.. I’d love to hear your input. Please comment.

**This is my opinion and not a paid advertisement or testimonial. We are not affiliated with Monavie in any way other than drinking the juice. Thank you**


7 Responses to “Have you tried it? MONAVIE – ACAI JUICE”

  1. Georgina Says:

    Hi, this is a very nice blog, I like the feel.
    Because I’m a Monavie distributor as well, I just want to inform you that the company prohibits distributor to advertise or talk about Monavie in the net. Aren’t you worry that they might ceased your distributorship?
    I actually wanted to put it in my blog too, but too timid to do so, ha!

  2. mammyflop Says:

    Hi Georgina,
    Thank you for your comment. We are not affiliated with Monavie in any way. In fact, we’re not affiliated with any of the companies that create products reviewed for our “Product Review” blogs. The products which we review are just things we are curious about and think that others may be curious about too. We want to “test” out the products, see if they measure up to the claims, and share our conclusions with the community. Our ultimate “Product Review” goal is to provide an honest account of our experience with hot products out on the market.

  3. Andy Says:

    Thanks for letting us know how you feel about the product and what it has done for you. Just to clarify, a Pyramid scheme is illegal, and has been illegal since the 1970’s. MonAvie did $1 billion in sales in its first 3 years and is registered with the FTC. To find out more about a pyramid scheme feel free to visit Once you study the business side of Monavie, you will notice that this is nothing like a pyramid scheme. It appears allot of people are trying it, take a look at this clip.

  4. mammyflop Says:

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the comment.
    You are right – it’s not a PYRAMID SCHEME but it does follow a multi level marketing structure. I understand the business side of Monavie and believe that a LOT of people have been successful through Monavie…Since my introduction to Monavie I have met various people who have built a successful, hontest business from Monave. Speaking from my experience- I drink Monavie for the juice… not the money.

    Hope the video is helpful to everyone.

  5. Wayne Says:

    According to MV’s income disclosure statement 90% of distributors make less than 4000 a year. That is fact. If someone is telling you different then it is a lie. The independent lab studies show that one serving of MV has less antioxidants then a serving of blueberries. Look the company up on wikipedia, it will shock you.

  6. great posts guys. I do understand that Monavie is MLM and it in no way pays you $1000 per sale. You still have to struggle with tiny paychecks and big downline where you recruit 2 and 1 leaves or becomes inactive just opting in to use the product but not using the business side of it. That is why the GPT model has been introduced for the marketers in the 21st century.

  7. You just need to find right supplier and it will work.Thanks for the article.

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