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Have You Tried It ? VersaSpa – Sunless Spray Tan April 7, 2009


VersaSpa Sunless Tanning

VersaSpa Sunless Tanning

VersaSpa Sunless Tanning is the newest thing to hit the tanning salons. Sunless tanning sprays are a great option when you need a golden glow for a special occasion and you don’t want to fry yourself in a tanning bed.

With the summer months quickly approaching, I couldn’t help but want to get a little color and headed over to my tanning salon. I usually get MYSTIC Tans – a super popular sunless spray tan option usually found in tanning salons.  As I parked my car and walked toward the tanning salon, I saw a sign that read : VersaSpa Sunless Tanning Spray.  The girl that was working at the tanning salon said that she recommended the Versaspa spray over Mystic…. so I decided to try it. 

Here’s my review:

VersaSpa is very similar to Mystic Tan and other spray on tanners except, this machine actually dries you after your spray application. The machine doesn’t have a door so the spray doesn’t suffocate you – and the spray actually is applied rather evenly . The spray moves up and down the machine to actually spray all parts of your body evenly.  Once you step into the machine you are asked to face the front for spray 1.  When told to turn, you turn to the right (kind of like a lunge). Next spray you turn to your left, and finally for your fourth spray you turn and face the back of the machine.

After the spray solution has been applied, the machine goes through and dries you. 2 bursts for your back and 2 bursts for your front side. After the dryer you exit the machine and you are ready to put your clothes back on and get on with your day.

Overall I prefer the Versaspa over Mystic tanning for the following reasons:

1- Even application

2-Your hands are less likely to turn orange – b/c the spray is applied evenly

3- You don’t need to use any barrier cream

4-Solution doesn’t smell as much as Mystic Solution.

Perhaps it’s the even application or just new technology but Versaspa averages about $10 more than Mystic Tans…. so weigh your options.

For me, it’s worth the extra $10.

I don’t think I will ever go back to tanning with Mystic Tan again… at least not for a while.