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This is how you get what you want…

About The Dream Team September 19, 2007

mammies2.jpgGrowing up believing that “if there is a will, there is a way,” we have mastered the art of getting what we want out of life. You’ll notice us referring to ‘Mammy’ and ‘Mammie’ on our page- those are our nicknames for one another. Each of us Mammies brings unique skills and talents to the table, and fusing together these strengths, we are The Dream Team. This page is dedicated to women of all backgrounds, professions, relationship statuses, and interests. The main purpose of this page is to empower women with the tools necessary to live and prosper in ”a man’s world”. Now, don’t get us wrong … we know that women are able to do everything men do …. Both Mammies are in their mid-20’s, and Mammy is in the process of obtaining an advanced degree from a world renowned, prestigious university, while Mammie owns her own online clothing store, and an event company. Even in the world of being able to ”play with the big boys” there are things that women can use some help on …. Whether it be knowing how to change a flat tire, or how to maintain a year round golden glow… we can all use a few tips. That’s where we come in. This page is designed to give women the tricks they should keep up their sleeves in order to LIVE THE DREAM. So take a look and remember … If you want it …. you can get it!

Disclaimer: Mammies are not (yet) professionals; the text on our page reflects our opinions and perspectives. Please chime in and express yourself- we are really interested in knowing how you think. We’d love to see this site blossom into a supportive community for everyone. If you have an idea or question that you’d like us to address, feel free to post a comment on our page, or email us at


One Response to “About The Dream Team”

  1. what a wonderful perspective to have and share with others. best wishes to the both of you in your personal aspirations as well as the aspirations you have for this blog…

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