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Have You Tried It ? VersaSpa – Sunless Spray Tan April 7, 2009


VersaSpa Sunless Tanning

VersaSpa Sunless Tanning

VersaSpa Sunless Tanning is the newest thing to hit the tanning salons. Sunless tanning sprays are a great option when you need a golden glow for a special occasion and you don’t want to fry yourself in a tanning bed.

With the summer months quickly approaching, I couldn’t help but want to get a little color and headed over to my tanning salon. I usually get MYSTIC Tans – a super popular sunless spray tan option usually found in tanning salons.  As I parked my car and walked toward the tanning salon, I saw a sign that read : VersaSpa Sunless Tanning Spray.  The girl that was working at the tanning salon said that she recommended the Versaspa spray over Mystic…. so I decided to try it. 

Here’s my review:

VersaSpa is very similar to Mystic Tan and other spray on tanners except, this machine actually dries you after your spray application. The machine doesn’t have a door so the spray doesn’t suffocate you – and the spray actually is applied rather evenly . The spray moves up and down the machine to actually spray all parts of your body evenly.  Once you step into the machine you are asked to face the front for spray 1.  When told to turn, you turn to the right (kind of like a lunge). Next spray you turn to your left, and finally for your fourth spray you turn and face the back of the machine.

After the spray solution has been applied, the machine goes through and dries you. 2 bursts for your back and 2 bursts for your front side. After the dryer you exit the machine and you are ready to put your clothes back on and get on with your day.

Overall I prefer the Versaspa over Mystic tanning for the following reasons:

1- Even application

2-Your hands are less likely to turn orange – b/c the spray is applied evenly

3- You don’t need to use any barrier cream

4-Solution doesn’t smell as much as Mystic Solution.

Perhaps it’s the even application or just new technology but Versaspa averages about $10 more than Mystic Tans…. so weigh your options.

For me, it’s worth the extra $10.

I don’t think I will ever go back to tanning with Mystic Tan again… at least not for a while.


Have you tried it? MONAVIE – ACAI JUICE March 13, 2009



Hmm. Where do I start? You have probably heard about Monavie Juice by now… and if you haven’t heard about Monavie, you’ve probably driven by a car with MONAVIE info or the MONAVIE logo plastered onto their car….

Let’s start with the facts. Monavie is built on a multi-level- marketing(MLM) structure. Lots of people on this program HAVE made a lot of money .. but it takes work.. and lots of connections .. and sales.

Monavie is made up of 19 different fruit juices, including the superfood – ACAI BERRY. Monavie claims that with regular consumption of this juice – your health will improve. Although they have not made any definite claims, drinkers of Monavie have credited the juice for curing cancer, helping with arthritis, gout, lowering cholesterol, increasing metabolism and giving you increased energy.

I was first approached about Monavie through a friend who thought that my ”business savvy” ways would help me become a successful Monavie distributor. Although I was initially skeptical, I figured that she actually knew people with Monavie success stories and what’s the harm in learning about a new product? I attended the information meeting and instantly I was intrigued / freaked out by the intensity of the Monavie distributors. It seemed like a lot of the people there were making a lot of money selling this juice. Means that the product has to work! … right?

There were people claiming to be making $100,000 a month by selling this juice! How is that possible? Granted, I attended the meeting before the economy was on the fast downward spiral.. but still.. I don’t care how big your rolodex is… finding that many people to purchase this juice seemed unrealistic. After the meeting I started talking to some people who had been involved in the business for a while. They seemed to swear by the product.. and also the company. I stayed skeptical but was intrigued to learn more… after all Monavie is a health product right?

It took me a few months before I actually signed up for my ”auto ship” …. Little did I know that I wasn’t going to make any money unless I was on “auto ship” … Meaning – in order for me to have an ongoing income from Monavie.. I would have to drink this juice forever.

Before I purchased my auto ship – I attended various meetings. One thing I noticed about these meetings was that the distributors were more concerned about the money and compensation plan than with the actual health benefits that came with the juice. That lack of balance raised concerns for me. However, I was lucky enough to be in contact with a great mentor who has been selling Monavie for a while. She kept reiterating the fact that this juice has health benefits… and can really be a great preventative regime.

Still skeptical I started to drink the juice. Drinkers are advised to drink 2 shots per day – one in the AM and one in PM. It’s like taking a vitamin. After a few shots the juice becomes really tasty and you start to crave it.

In all honesty, I don’t know what ”health changes” I was expecting. I am a pretty health 25 year old female with no major health issues. I guess I was expecting for it to rock my world… for me to shed pounds and who knows what else…

Does the juice work ?

Although I don’t have any trackable proof… I THINK THIS JUICE ACTUALLY WORKS. After a few weeks of drinking the juice I noticed that my skin was clear, I had more energy, I wasn’t as hungry in between meals, and every time thought I was coming down with a cold… I would up my Monavie and kick the cold away.

Will Monavie make you a millionaire?

Participating in the company like I do… NO. I guess for me … it’s not the right time. With people losing jobs and families losing homes .. I know that most people are not willing to spend the money on JUICE right now… However, I will admit that I have not given this business my all. Perhaps a part of me remains skeptical. Maybe another part of me feels bad – asking people to shell out money every month for juice.. We aren’t talking buy one bottle for the month. We are talking about a few bottles per person every month ( remember, you drink two shots per day, every day).

Over all, I believe that Monavie has its benefits. My personal experience has been that I feel healthier, more energetic, and see changes in my skin and hair. Although a bit pricey in comparison to my basic vitamin regime.. I prefer drinking the juice. Drinking Monavie has given me the extra energy I need to motivate myself to work out. Now, who knows… my increase in energy may be psychological.. Nevertheless, I feel that Monavie is benefiting my overall health. Will I ever be the highest seller of Monavie … probably not. I believe in the product..and hope to someday introduce the juice to my friends and family .. not for the money, but for the health benefits. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme… this may not be the easiest program. Again, given everyone’s financial situations — it’s just hard to find people who have expendable income that they can use on juice.

My advice is this … Whether or not you are in the Monavie business for the money… Take some time to actually test the product. Before you dump your savings into your Monavie business.. make sure you surround yourself with a good team of Monavie distributors that are willing to teach you the ins / outs of the business and the juice. This juice effects people differently… And the more you believe in the product.. The more you will sell.

If you have used Monavie or are a part of the Monavie Program.. I’d love to hear your input. Please comment.

**This is my opinion and not a paid advertisement or testimonial. We are not affiliated with Monavie in any way other than drinking the juice. Thank you**


Have You Tried It? Online Shopping: October 14, 2008

Paris Hilton in Yumi Kim

Paris Hilton in Yumi Kim

One glance at the news and one can’t deny but notice the economic crisis we are in. However, does that mean we have to skip out on rewarding ourselves? Hopefully you answered NO…. Ok ok, so the job market is dreadful and for most of us who hate our jobs are just trying to be grateful to be employed. For most of us, we are working harder than ever to make ends meet, and to find a way to afford our little luxuries.
If retail therapy is your safe place, we have a new treasure for you! is an online store that just opened – and is offering wantitgetit readers an amazing deal. I haven’t seen any other deals like this in a while so we had to share it with you!!!
30% OFF ALL ITEMS – not just the sale items or the old items, but 30% off EVERYTHING. Not to mention, already has the lowest online price GUARANTEE. So you know you will be getting a good deal.
With the belief that fashion should be an affordable luxury, operates with the lowest price online for great items for both men and women. offers the following lines:
Ed Hardy Tiger

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Alternative Apparel

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Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim

and much more coming ….
If you want to dress like a celebrity or ever wondered what all the celebrities are wearing – this is the place to check out.
With Holiday coming – this is the best place to start your holiday shopping. They ship within 24 hours of payment – so you will get your items super quick too!! Not to mention – they take all major credit cards and paypal.
So don’t be shy .. take a look




Have you tried it? Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit July 28, 2008

Do you need to get your pearly whites ready for a close up? Or maybe you want to get whiter teeth-fast!! This may be the product…


For those of us who don’t have the time or the luxury of getting our teeth professionally whitened on a regular basis, this is a great alternative product. Most of us interested in whiter teeth have probably taken a chance with the whitening strips. Although the whitening strips do the job- slowly- sometimes we just need something with a bit more strength – without having to sit in a dentist’s chair for hours.

Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit has been my solution for quick, effective teeth whitening. The kit comes with 2 trays which you custom fit, and 8 capsules (total of 4 whitening sessions). Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the kit:

1- Fit the trays to your teeth. Simply put the trays in hot water — this will make the trays soft and easier to mold onto your teeth. Fit one mold at a time. Take a hot tray and place on your upper teeth – press down the mold to fit the shape of your teeth. Leave for about 30 seconds. Remove. Same thing for your lower teeth.

2-Once the trays are molded it’s time to start whitening! Open one capsule and place the gel onto the mold. Open a second capsule and place gel onto the other mold.

3- Place the trays onto your teeth and leave on for 20 min.

4- After 20 minutes, take out the trays and brush your teeth regularly!

Who knew that it only takes 4 steps for bright, white teeth! The kit suggests you take 10 minute breaks between each session, 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off, 20 minutes on – for a total of 2 hours.

The Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit retails for around $20.00 which may seem a little pricey for only 4 sessions. However, the proof is in the whitening. After 4 sessions you will see visibly whiter teeth. I’ve noticed that you can use 1 capsule for both trays which gives you 4 extra sessions!!

Now that I’ve mentioned the pros- quick, effective whitening, it’s time for the cons. If you have sensitive teeth don’t expect to get through all 4 sessions in a 2 hour time frame. The gel can get onto your gums, which can be somewhat uncomfortable. My personal experience has been that I can get all 4 sessions into one day, but not 2 hours. My sensitive teeth and gums start to burn if I put in consecutive sessions. But don’t worry- you can still get whiter teeth in a matter of one day! The other con is that the trays aren’t as inconspicuous as the whitening strips. Speaking will be difficult while you are whitening your teeth, and those around you will notice the trays in your mouth.

Overall, if you are in a teeth whitening crisis and need a quick fix, Rembrandt 2 Hour Whitening Kit is the way to go. With only one session, you will most likely see a visible change in your teeth. However, if you have sensitive teeth make sure you space out your whitening sessions. This whitening habit can get a bit pricey, and painful for people with sensitive teeth, so when you aren’t in need of an instant smile make over I suggest using the whitening strips.

Now you don’t have to spend hours sitting in a dentist’s chair to get those pearly whites ready for the camera. All it takes is a few 20 minute sessions!!


Have you tried it? Tide To Go Pen November 28, 2007

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Surely, you’ve seen the Kelly Ripa commercials by now? The TIDE TO GO PEN is the answer to any stain prone person’s prayers. This inexpensive product (should be less than $3.00 ) is definitely a life saver.

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but it seems like every time I wear something ”I can NOT stain” I drop something on it, or someone else drops something on it…. Often times, I find myself wondering ” Ok, how do I cover this up… or do I just ignore it…” TIDE TO GO is your answer! This compact pen is small enough to fit in any purse or clutch, and boy does it work wonders.

The packaging is 100% accurate when it states that the pen can lift the following stains: ketchup, wine, coffee, tee, BBQ sauce, grape juice and even chocolate syrup. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the pen works most effectively on new, fresh stains.

How do you use the pen? It’s super easy!

1. Got a stain? Wipe it down with a dry cloth, removing as much as you can.

2. Whip out the TIDE TO GO pen and start blotting the stained area. By blotting, I mean press down on the pen a few times to make sure the pen is releasing the stain remover.

3.Once the stain is covered with the solution, use the pen and rub the stained area…. as if you were writing on your garment.

4.Wipe off excess solution


The great thing about the TIDE TO GO pen is that it doesn’t soak the whole area that was stained. Older portable stain removers – individual sheets- tend to soak the whole stained area, often attracting more attention to the stain. This pen targets the actual stain and gets the job done…. quickly.

As mentioned above, the TIDE TO GO PEN states that it works on fresh stain. However, I thought I’d give it a try on an older stain. I found a shirt that had day old pizza sauce splotches on it. I used the TIDE TO GO PEN on the stains and voila … the day old stains were gone when the shirt dried!

I highly recommend this item to those of you who are stain prone, for those of you who have stain prone children, spouses or friends…. and for anyone that wants to maintain a sharp, composed look when out in public…. TIDE TO GO PEN may not take care of everything, but if sure beats those stains!


Have you tried it? Energy Bar review November 4, 2007

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If you’re like The Dream Team, you’ve probably noticed the explosion of energy bar types over the past several years. When all you want is a simple snack, a pre-workout fuel, or a meal replacement, there are so many choices that it can be downright confusing to choose the thing you’re looking for. Here, The Dream Team offers some assistance in choosing. Although this list is far from exhaustive, it includes our favorites and some not-so-favored bars to avoid!

Luna. Made by the Clif company and tailored for women’s nutritional needs, Lunas are a crunchy, crisp textured bar dipped in delicious icing or chocolatey coating. They are composed of natural ingredients including nuts, seeds, and brown rice syrup. Luna bars are my absolute favorite! As well, they’re 70% organic and proceeds benefit the breast cancer foundation. These are great for a snack!

Nutritional facts: 180 Calories, 5g fat (2.5g saturated, 0g trans), 25g carbs (3g fiber, 12g sugar), 10g protein.

Flavors include: iced oatmeal raisin, peppermint stick, chai tea, s’mores, chocolate pecan pie, nutz over chocolate, peanut butter cookie, toasted nutz & cranberry.

Parent company: Clif

Luna sunrise. Again, specially designed for women, these bars a very similar to Luna original. Clif states that these bars a specially formulated with selected nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to serve as a great breakfast or morning snack to get you going in the morning. Unfortunately, the flavored coating is kind of funky and fake-tasting. I’d go with Luna original over Luna Sunrise.

Nutritional facts: 180 Calories, 4g fat (2g saturated, 0g trans), 29g carbs (5g fiber, 11g sugar), 8g protein.

Flavors include: Strawberries & cream, vanilla, almond, blueberry yogurt.

Clif bar energy bar (original). Designed for the athletic individual, this bar is loaded with the carbs you need to sustain activity. The bar is designed to optimize glycemic index, meaning you won’t get a spike/crash in blood sugar. Rather, slow-release carbs steadily increase your blood sugar, followed by a gradual decline so your muscles have sustained energy. The texture is generally soft with some munchier bits. The only downside of ClifBars is that some of the flavors are kinda funky. It’s composed of natural ingredients including rolled oats, soybeans, flaxseeds, and soy flour. Good for a pre-performance fueling. It’s also comprised of 70% organic ingredients, and proceeds benefit environmental, health, and social causes including the Breast Cancer Foundation, the Surfrider Foundation, Leave No Trace, American Hiking Society, and International Mountain Bike Society.

Nutritional facts: 240 Calories, 4g fat (1.5g saturated, 0g trans), 46 g carbs (5g fiber, 21g sugar), 10g protein.

Flavors: carrot cake, apricot, banana nut bread, chocolate chip, chocolate peanut, cranberry apple cherry, maple nut, mint chocolate, oatmeal raisin walnut.

*The Clif company also manufactures Mojo bars, ClifKid Z Bar, and Nectar bars.

Clif Builder’s bar. A natural protein bar for those who put their own body “through the “wringer”. I was skeptical of this one but pleasantly surprised when I tried it!! It has a satisfying, crunchy texture. I’ll definitely be buying it again. Made from 30% organic ingredients.

Nutritional facts: 270 Calories, 8g fat (5g saturated, 0g trans), 30g carbs (4g fiber, 20 g sugar), 20g protein.

Flavors include chocolate, chocolate mint, cookies & cream, peanut butter, vanilla almond.

Balance original. Used to be my favorite bar before I discovered Luna. Balance bars are like dessert – although they’ve got the “balanced” 40-30-30 (carbs-fat-protein) ratio going on, they taste like a delightful rich snack. The texture is amazing, perfectly moist without being mushy….almost like flourless cake but not quite. And the flavors are delightful.

Nutritional facts: 200 Calories, 6g fat (1.5g saturated, 0g trans), 22g Carbs (2g fiber, 17g sugar), 14 g protein.

Flavors include: almond brownie, chocolate raspberry fudge, cookie dough, peanut butter, mocha chip, honey peanut.

Parent Company: Kraft (not exactly your dream company)

Balance gold. Adds a layer of gooey (caramel or chocolate) coating to Balance original, and the “bar” beneath is tougher in texture compared to original balance bar texture.

Nutritional facts: 210 Calories, 7g fat (4g saturated, 0g trans), 24g Carbs (<1g fiber, 16g sugar), 13 g protein.

Flavors include: caramel nut blast, chocolate peanut butter, chew chocolate chip, triple chocolate, rocky road, peanut butter crunch, chocolate mint crunch, cookies & cream crunch.

*The Balance company also makes bars by the name of Balance 100, Balance Carbwell, Balance Bare, & Balance Organic.

Powerbar Performance (original). Somehow powerbars fuse a soft texture with crispiness, making them somewhat enjoyable to munch. They scream “processed” though, in flavor, texture, and appearance. The company states that the “C2 max” energy blend that composes these bars optimizes athletic performance to provide sustained energy to muscles.

Nutritional facts: 230 Calories, 2.5g fat (9g saturated, 0g trans), 43g Carbs (2g fiber, 24g sugar), 9 g protein.

Flavors include: apple cinnamon, banana, chocolate peanut butter, cookies & cream, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, vanilla, and wild berry.

Parent Company: Nestle

*PowerBar company also makes recovery bars, protein plus, protein plus reduced sugar, harvest, nut naturals, triple threat, and pria.

ThinkThin. Don’t be fooled by the sleek, posh labels! This high protein bar had a flavor that I is best described as fake, and an overly chewey texture. Obviously highly processed and I was not impressed.

Nutritional facts: 240 Calories, 8 g fat (2.5 g saturated, 0g trans), 27g carbs (1g fiber, 0g sugar), 20g protein.

Flavors include: peanut butter, chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate.

*Think also makes ThinkGreen, ThinkOrganic, Think5, and thinkThin Pink.

Odwalla. Good flavor, good texture – kind of resembled granola but was softer and chewier. Natural tasting, I could see the peanuts, chocolate chips, and cereal grains in the bar I sampled. According to the company’s website, this “natural” feature characterizes all of their bars. Each bar also boasts a unique vitamin/mineral combo to aid you in everything from memory to performance.

Nutritional facts: 250 Calories, 7g fat (1.5 g saturated, 0g trans), 38g carbs (4g fiber, 14g sugar), 8g protein.

Flavors include chocolate chip peanut, strawberry, banana, carrot, cranberry, blueberry, lemon, raisin, oats, cinnamon.

Promax. Given how processed this high-protein bar is, I was surprised to find myself enjoying it. Soft like your typical high-protein bar, with little crunchy bits, and good flavor. It was satisfying, too.

Nutritional facts: 280 Calories, 4.5 g fat (3g saturated, 0g trans), 38g carbs (1g fiber, 27g sugar), 20g protein.

Flavors include black forest cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut, cookies & cream, fudge, honey peanut, lemon bar,

Larabar. You can tell it’s made of natural ingredients, as the company states. Blending unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices to create the bar, no bar contains more than six ingredients. Impressive. It has a moist, almost cakey texture. A little more on the sweet side than other bars.

Nutritional facts: 180 Calories, 10g fat (1g saturated, 0g trans), 23g carbs (4g fiber, 17g sugar), 4g protein.

Flavors include pistachio, key lime pie, apple pie, cherry pie, ginger snap, chocolate coconut, cinnamon roll, pecan pie, lemon bar, banana cookie, cashew cookie.

Kashi Go Lean Roll.  My friend Liz and I nicknamed these “rock bars” because they’re so hard you feel like your teeth are going to break off when you bite into them. Whatever you do, DON’T try to eat these when they’ve been stored in a cold area!! I can’t describe anything noteworthy beyond that very salient feature.

Nutritional facts: 190 Calories, 5g fat (1.5g saturated, 0g trans), 28g carbs (6g fiber, 14g sugar), 12g protein.

Flavors include chocolate peanut, caramel peanut, chocolate turtle.

Parent company: Kelloggs

Kashi Go Lean Crunchy. Not as hard as a rock bar, but still kinda tough! You can tell this one’s semi-natural cuz you can see the individual cereal grains composing the base bar. It’s sort of similar to a luna bar in that it has the base bar dipped in chocolate coating. Kashi states that the bar optimizes glycemic index, using slow-release carbs to prevent a sugar-headache and keep you fueled. For the most part, I agree.

Nutritional facts: 180 Cals, 5g fat (2g saturated, 0g trans), 30g carbs (6g fiber, 13g sugar), 9g protein.

Flavors: Chocolate peanut, chocolate caramel, chocolate almond.

Taking into account taste, texture, nutritional facts, and company profile, here are my conclusions.

Best all-around bar: Luna.

Other top bars: Clif builder, Odwalla.

The worst all-around bars: Balance gold, ThinkThin, Kashi go lean roll.


Have you tried it? Pureology Hair Care (Product Review) October 3, 2007

pureology      gwenpaltrow

With all the hair care products on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right product for you. Well, Mammy must admit that she’s a bit of a hair-ist (one who evaluates others based on their hair), so she’s gone to town sampling products from an array of different hair care lines. Redken, Abba, Bed Head by TIGI, Biolage, Alterna, Nexxus, Sexy Hair….Mammy’s tried a lot. Now of course different hair types require different care regimines. For hair that is naturally straight, of moderate thickness, and tends to be dry and perhaps stripped of nutrients because you color it– you won’t find better products than those by Pureology. Those of you with other hair types- you can probably find a Pureology for you, I just don’t know what to recommend for, say, dry or curly hair.
Hands down, the very best hair products I’ve tried are from Pureology (check them out at  or in a salon near you). They make my hair feel soft, silky, and run-my-hands-through-able. The first time I shampooed and conditioned with Pureology, I could tell right afterwards that my hair felt gloriously different than it did when I’d used other products. I knew there would be no turning back! Pureology purportedly utilizes “nanotechnology”, meaning the products are comprised of smaller atoms and molecules that more easily penetrate the hair shaft and seal off the hair cuticle, smoothing each strand. I don’t know if this claim is true, but what I do know is that the products fight static and frizz, and since I’ve been shampooing and conditioning with Pureology for the past year or so, my hair has been healthier and stronger than ever. I usually use products from the the moisturizing system (purple) or the volumizing system (pink).  The conditioners lightly tingle your scalp if you let them sink in for a while. Feels good! Oooh and I forgot to mention, the fragrance is lovely! Almost like a minty yet fresh air fresh kind of smell..take a whiff!
I’ve also tried a few of the styling products – the Nanoglaze (yellow) and ColourMax leave-in conditioner (mint green), and I highly recommend both.
  • Nanoglaze- it’s a light serum that you run through your hair prior to blow-dry. Need to use very little per application. I find that when I use it my hair does dry a bit faster, as advertised. This one also acts as a thermal and color protectant. This stuff is also great for holding style. 
  • nanoglaze                leavein
  • Colour-Max leave-in conditioner. A great detangler and shine enhancer. It’s also advertised as a thermal protectant and UVA/UVB protectant (sunscreen for your hair–who knew?).
As if the products weren’t amazing enough, all of Pureology products are carcinogen-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. I love this company!
The one drawback…it’s kinda pricy, but not substantially more than you’d pay for a decent salon-quality product. Each shampoo and conditioner bottle is about $20.
PS, I also like Alterna’s hemp-based styling products. I’ve only tried their straightening balm and the shine spray, and boy are both of these miracle-workers. Ohhh and the yet floral-y. Light and sweet!

shinspray      straightbalm

Price: around $18 each
You hair is worth it!!