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Happy Friday the 13th! SPECIAL DEALS FOR YOU March 13, 2009

2009 is one of those rare years … when Friday the 13th hits not once, but two times in a row!  For those of you who are superstitious, this could be a stressful year for you.  But if you surf the web it seems like today is a day of celebration. Or maybe businesses are looking for ANY excuse to have a SALE.

A few deals we found online for TODAY, Friday, March 13th only:


If you are in Southern California you are in luck!  Live Nation announced a 13 hours sale with concert tickets for $13!!! (plus all of their fees)..

Click here for more info:  

Thank you OC Register for posting this story at

Morias Reading: 

The following is from 

*Friday the 13th Special*

Book a session before midnight today and get half of! Email me what session you’d like before you book.

Here at Moria’s Readings you will find Intuitive readings andNumerology reports as well as several healing modalities with certified practitioners in Theta HealingChakra balancing,Aura/Energy clearingReiki and Matrix Energetics with one of the very few certified Master practitioners.


Online retailer is having a Friday the 13th Sale…. We all need our lucky shirt right? 😉  For today only – Moderne has issued an extra 15% off promotion. This promotion works on even sale items – Take a look there are some steals on there! has clothing for both men and women.  USE PROMO CODE: FRI13  for an extra 15% off. Offer ends at Midnight. 

Check out for some great lucky charms for those of you who fear the worst 🙂 

As for the rest of the Friday the 13th superstitions … I guess we will see what happens. So far my day has been like every other day. BLESSED 🙂  xoxo



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Recently, every radio station, tech savvy, internet junkie mentions ”TWITTER”… I figured with Myspace and Facebook I was up to date with all social networking sites .. but looks like I was wrong.

Still getting used to TWITTER … but so far I like it. I think it’ll be a great way to update everyone on the latest WanitGetit updates as well as allow us to give you instant feedback on any questions you have. if there is anything you want us to talk about on the blog – let us know!

With that being said.. let’s get even more connected with Twitter.

Follow us on  – easy to remember right?



How to be smart about our money, and surviving these tough times. What do we do? March 4, 2009

(Image from

It’s no secret that we are all in an economic crunch. People are losing jobs left and right, while the price of gas keeps increasing. Stocks are definitely not the answer … and it seems like keeping your money in the bank is a bit risky as well… What are we to do?

In an attempt to be more economy / investment savvy, I have taken it upon myself to do some research. How do I save money? Where do I invest my money?

After surfing the web… I was a bit discouraged. There doesn’t seem to be a safe place for our money right now. Not only that, I’m not a finance / investment guru. I do not understand industry specific lingo – so half of the blogs / studies I read about went over my head.

THANK GOODNESS for this next website… is a great website to learn about investment and to really break down our economic status

Eric states that his goal is to explore investment ideas, discuss the current economy – in terms that even I can understand… and most of all … he will be giving out tips on how to save money, where to invest and even answer your questions! It’s a great deal for a $10 monthly subscription…. for $10 you will get access to all of Eric’s articles, a bi-weekly!! newsletter… and insight into what is really going on!

I know we are all strapped for money right now.. but just think of your $10 monthly subscription as one of your investments. I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Check back often on our next 10 ways to save money blog … coming up in a few days 🙂

In the mean time …. check out


Have You Tried It? Online Shopping: October 14, 2008

Paris Hilton in Yumi Kim

Paris Hilton in Yumi Kim

One glance at the news and one can’t deny but notice the economic crisis we are in. However, does that mean we have to skip out on rewarding ourselves? Hopefully you answered NO…. Ok ok, so the job market is dreadful and for most of us who hate our jobs are just trying to be grateful to be employed. For most of us, we are working harder than ever to make ends meet, and to find a way to afford our little luxuries.
If retail therapy is your safe place, we have a new treasure for you! is an online store that just opened – and is offering wantitgetit readers an amazing deal. I haven’t seen any other deals like this in a while so we had to share it with you!!!
30% OFF ALL ITEMS – not just the sale items or the old items, but 30% off EVERYTHING. Not to mention, already has the lowest online price GUARANTEE. So you know you will be getting a good deal.
With the belief that fashion should be an affordable luxury, operates with the lowest price online for great items for both men and women. offers the following lines:
Ed Hardy Tiger

Ed Hardy Tiger

Sky Dress

Sky Dress

Harajuku Lovers

Harajuku Lovers

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

English Laundry

English Laundry



Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim

and much more coming ….
If you want to dress like a celebrity or ever wondered what all the celebrities are wearing – this is the place to check out.
With Holiday coming – this is the best place to start your holiday shopping. They ship within 24 hours of payment – so you will get your items super quick too!! Not to mention – they take all major credit cards and paypal.
So don’t be shy .. take a look




Top Ten Travel Planning Websites October 2, 2007

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Traveling is considered a luxury…. but sometimes you can get an amazing trip for an affordable price! The Dream Team loves to travel and has used the following websites to get some great info on traveling, booking flights, getting rooms and so much more.

Next time you need a little assistance in planning your trip go here:






















Top Ten Celebrity Gossip Sites September 28, 2007

What girl doesn’t like a little gossip?

If you find yourself wanting to learn about the latest celebrity gossip check out the following: