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Have you tried it? Pureology Hair Care (Product Review) October 3, 2007

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With all the hair care products on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right product for you. Well, Mammy must admit that she’s a bit of a hair-ist (one who evaluates others based on their hair), so she’s gone to town sampling products from an array of different hair care lines. Redken, Abba, Bed Head by TIGI, Biolage, Alterna, Nexxus, Sexy Hair….Mammy’s tried a lot. Now of course different hair types require different care regimines. For hair that is naturally straight, of moderate thickness, and tends to be dry and perhaps stripped of nutrients because you color it– you won’t find better products than those by Pureology. Those of you with other hair types- you can probably find a Pureology for you, I just don’t know what to recommend for, say, dry or curly hair.
Hands down, the very best hair products I’ve tried are from Pureology (check them out at  or in a salon near you). They make my hair feel soft, silky, and run-my-hands-through-able. The first time I shampooed and conditioned with Pureology, I could tell right afterwards that my hair felt gloriously different than it did when I’d used other products. I knew there would be no turning back! Pureology purportedly utilizes “nanotechnology”, meaning the products are comprised of smaller atoms and molecules that more easily penetrate the hair shaft and seal off the hair cuticle, smoothing each strand. I don’t know if this claim is true, but what I do know is that the products fight static and frizz, and since I’ve been shampooing and conditioning with Pureology for the past year or so, my hair has been healthier and stronger than ever. I usually use products from the the moisturizing system (purple) or the volumizing system (pink).  The conditioners lightly tingle your scalp if you let them sink in for a while. Feels good! Oooh and I forgot to mention, the fragrance is lovely! Almost like a minty yet fresh air fresh kind of smell..take a whiff!
I’ve also tried a few of the styling products – the Nanoglaze (yellow) and ColourMax leave-in conditioner (mint green), and I highly recommend both.
  • Nanoglaze- it’s a light serum that you run through your hair prior to blow-dry. Need to use very little per application. I find that when I use it my hair does dry a bit faster, as advertised. This one also acts as a thermal and color protectant. This stuff is also great for holding style. 
  • nanoglaze                leavein
  • Colour-Max leave-in conditioner. A great detangler and shine enhancer. It’s also advertised as a thermal protectant and UVA/UVB protectant (sunscreen for your hair–who knew?).
As if the products weren’t amazing enough, all of Pureology products are carcinogen-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. I love this company!
The one drawback…it’s kinda pricy, but not substantially more than you’d pay for a decent salon-quality product. Each shampoo and conditioner bottle is about $20.
PS, I also like Alterna’s hemp-based styling products. I’ve only tried their straightening balm and the shine spray, and boy are both of these miracle-workers. Ohhh and the yet floral-y. Light and sweet!

shinspray      straightbalm

Price: around $18 each
You hair is worth it!!