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How To Be Green September 25, 2007

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We all share this planet, and it’s our responsibility to keep it alive. Irreparable damage has already been done. Species extinct. Habitats destroyed. It’s sad that we as a species have allowed this to happen. But now that we’re educated and wise enough to appreciate the wrongs of the past, we don’t have to stand by while these things continue. We can make a commitment, however small, to put an end to the destruction. It’s up to us! Here are a few recommendations and additional resources to make our planet more healthy.

  • Support small farms – buy produce at farmer’s markets (what a lovely afternoon activity!!), and buy organic produce that’s not mass produced. For a clever skit on small farms, check out
  • Buy organic!! Foods, juices, coffee/tea, products. Your body will thank you, and so will the earth.  
  • Promote animal rights by purchasing cruelty-free (& organic!) bath and body care products at places like the body shop, and even the bath and body care sections at Whole foods & Trader Joe’s. For a full listing of companies that don’t test on animals:
  • Take reusable shopping bags to the supermarket. It’s seriously the new trend.
  • Cut down on animal products in your diet- meats, poultry, eggs, dairy, gelatin products, seafood. If you’re even considering it, go vegetarian or vegan!! Give it a shot and see how you do. Vast resources are used in maintaining livestock – land, water, resources for producing food that the livestock eats. Imagine if all these resources were put directly into human food production….farming would be far more efficient. And don’t get me started on seafood…one scary statistic from a marine bio course I took was that for every 1 pound of seafood that is caught and retained for food, 4 POUNDS OF BY-CATCH ARE CAUGHT. By-catch is sea animals that are caught, die, and get thrown back into the sea because they’re not “useful” to us.
  • Walk or ride your bike to places close to you – be active, save money on gas, and reduce emissions
  • Carpool
  • Looking for a new vehicle? Get a hybrid. Drive a hummer? Get a hybrid! We’ve heard the buzz about hybrid gas mileage not living up to what was originally advertised, but it’s still more economical than other vehicles. Plus, in some states, hybrid car owners can get a special sticker that allows them to drive in the carpool lane without a passenger!
  • Are you a homeowner? Look into getting solar panels- produce your own energy, and get paid for it!
  • Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth! Talk about an easy way to save water…
  • Recycle, recycle, recycle! Mammy doesn’t have a recycling bin at her apartment complex…so she uses the ones at the houses across the street 🙂 Make it work! 
  • Support eco-friendly companies, and companies that contribute to environmental causes. Check out this NewsWeek article for some examples:  or if you wanna be more hardcore, check out this really innovative site that “grades” companies of all sorts based on their environmental impact, supporets of social justice, community involvment and consideration of animal and human rights: 

There are a lot of us on this earth. If we each do a little bit, we can do a lot.  

For more tips…