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Top Ten Cocktails September 28, 2007


Here’s a list of The Dream Team’s fave drinks. Ladies, if you haven’t tried ’em, TRY ‘EM!! Dudes- some of these might strike you as “too girly”, so perhaps you could have a few of these ideas in mind when you purchase a beverage for that pretty girl at the bar….

Here they are (In no particular order…except #1!!!!) 

10. Vodka soda with a splash of cran and a lime

9. Mandarin vodka tonic

8. Tokyo Iced Tea

7. Lemon drop

6. Mojito

5. Washington apple

4. Mai tai

3. Midori Sour

2. Strawberry Champagne

1. Pear vodka tonic

pears        MAMMIES ❤ PEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!