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If you don’t know what you want, you can’t get it September 20, 2007

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To get what you want, you must first know what you want. This might sound annoyingly familiar, uninspiring, worthy of an eye roll. Yeah, that’s right, I bet you can relate. And I bet you can relate to the following, as it’s a pretty common experience: have you ever found yourself wrapped up in something, and in the middle of it you somehow manage to check in with yourself, and stumble upon a sobering revelation-


Why the hell am I doing this?


Yet you continue with the task. Or the relationship. Or the career.

This is a wake-up call, ladies. In order to get what you want, you must first define what you want. You must define your needs. And I mean YOU. Not others in your life. Rid yourself of the “shoulds” and the fear of others’ judgment. Get in touch with yourself- explore your needs, your wants. Define what it is that you want. The more specific, the better! (After you’re finished reading the next few sentences) visualize what your life would be like when you are perfectly happy, when you are as successful as you can be, when everything around you seems to be going your way, when life is better than you ever hoped it could be. Take note of every detail- who’s there? Who’s not? Where are you? What are you doing? Get some different time perspectives while you’re at it. Imagine what a typical day, a week, a month, would look like in your personal blissland. Ok, open ‘em. Questions to consider: in your daydream, what’s new in the picture- that is, what’s there that’s currently lacking in your life? Conversely, what things were absent that currently are in your life?


The above questions should bring to the surface some ideas that you can use in defining specifically what you want. Stay tuned if you’re interested in this topic- there’s more to come on specific steps you can take in getting what you want. In order to live your dream, you need to first dream your dream. Then you make it your reality!